Eagle Creek Fire

As you may already know, we are under a level 2 evacuation notice because of the Eagle Creek Fire. It’s been over a week now and the fire continue to gets closer. (Level 3 means it’s time to go). We are optimistic that the firefighters will get it under control well before it reaches us. We are very grateful to have all the firefighters from all over the state in our area.

Eagle Creek2Today, smoke was really bad as it settles down on us in the our little valley. Our main concern is the farm animals that have to live outside. The Goats, chickens ducks and geese don’t have an option to go inside to get a breath of fresh air. Maybe we’ll move them to a better location soon. Friends have offered to keep them if we get evacuated.

The plants seem to be doing OK. There’s a layer of ash on them and I’m sure they don’t like the smoke either. Rain is forecasted for Monday, so let’s hope that will put a damper on the fire and we can get back to normal.

Update: Rains came today (9.18) and the danger is over. Thank you firefighters and mother nature!


Fermented Plant Juices

This year at the farm I’m taking fertility of the cannabinitas into my own hands.  I am striving to leave behind bottled fertilizers and replace them with my homemade goodies!  Less plastic waste, fossil fuel emissions, and mystery around what my ladies uptake.  After a recent side by side test I am more than happy with the results of my ferments. The only hurdle left to overcome is making production more efficient.  I will pass on a few techniques and recipes I am using at the farm along to you.

Fermented Plant Juices (FPJ)IMG_1228

 FPJ is a way to make liquid plant food out of ordinary/extraordinary plants that are all around us!  It has been used by those who farm using a Korean Natural Farming approach and many others like myself who enjoy mixing and matching the styles and practices that have been passed down since farming began. Last year I began exploring this technique and have really made it part of my flow this year.

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What is Fiddle Farms?

Fiddle Farms is our homestead market farm where we grow fresh vegetables, flowers and cannabis, located on the banks of the Hood River. The property has 15 acres that encompasses a variety of micro-climates. About 3 acres are in active use for gardening and livestock. It is located on the Hood River about 15 minutes from the town of Hood River, Oregon.
Here are some pictures of the farm taken by our wwoofers