Know Your Grower

Rooted in the Earth, Fed by the Sun, Watered by the River
How was YOUR Flower GROWN?

“Veganic” Practices
Fiddle Farm’s cannabis connoisseurs have high standards. They not only want their cannabis free from chemicals and synthetic amendments, but they want it produced sustainably and humanely. Our cannabis is not only grown organically, but it’s also cruelty-free. We say “no” to using anonymous animal-derived materials such as commercially-produced fish emulsion, feather, bone, blood meal and bat guano.

Many modern food farm practices (i.e., mono-cultures, chemical fertilizers, pesticide sprays, soil compaction, erosion) injure our environment. Unfortunately, some cannabis farms and indoor grows use the same harmful methods. At Fiddle Farms, we believe in giving back to the land so that is why we grow our cannabis (as well as fruits, veggies and flowers) in a way that is sustainable, resilient and restorative.

Our natural and organic methods focus on plant-based fertilizers, extractive plant teas and polyculture that are gentle to the earth. These elements work symbiotically to create habitats that nurture our resident beneficial insect population and increase biodiversity. In addition, we make sure all of our farm animals eat only organically-produced, non-GMO grains, vegetables and supplements so we know exactly what’s in the manure and worm castings we use in our custom soil mixes.

Rooted in the Earth
Soil is a magically complex three-dimensional substance that sustains life. While hydro-farmers  believe they can substitute a few soluble elements for a whole living system, soil growers understand that the complexity of a great tasting flower begins with carefully tended organic soil.




Fed by the Sun

During cannabis prohibition, flower was grown mostly indoors to avoid detection. Pot farmers used artificial lights and other equipment to imitate the sun’s energy. These methods burden power grids and contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. They are expensive both to the environment and to the consumer. Now with legalization, let’s return to the naturally rewarding practice of growing healthy, happy, plants outdoors. Don’t HIDE…Grow OUTSIDE!

img_7806Watered by the River
Many growers don’t think about the water they use to grow their plants. Too many growers simply use tap water that’s been chlorinated or even worse, fluorinated.  Not at Fiddle Farms. Our water comes from the Hood River which in turn comes from snow pack on Mt. Hood. Only fresh, clean, and natural water goes into growing our plants.