About Us

Jeff has been growing cannabis for longer then he wants to admit publicly. He started growing legally in 2013 with a medical license in Oregon and started selling his product to medical dispensaries in 2014. Starting with just 12 plants per harvest (his legal limit at that time), he honed his skills to still produce over 60 pounds of product, enough to supplement a decent living and perfect his craft. Starting on 2016, he and his wife, Ketrina, decided to switch to the recreation market under the Oregon Liquor Control Commission License. Since then, he’s leaned how to scale from a few dozen plants to  hundreds with a small team. He also learned some very important lessons of economy of scale that is past of what he will share with you.img_0996.jpg

We have grown over 40 different strains and have consistently receive a THC test over 20% and up to a whopping 30% growing outdoors. Our terpene profiles are outstanding, so don’t let indoor growers tell you that outdoor flower is inferior. Out of close to 100 compliance tests, we have never had any pesticides on any tests, because we don’t use them.

While also farming cannabis, vegetables and flowers, Jeff and Ketrina also own and operator Grow Organic, a retail garden store in Hood River that sells organic fertilizers, feeds and soils.