Prices & Specials

Flower Prices
The base price for our flower is calculated by taking the THC percentage and multiplying by 80. For instance, if the THC level is 20%, then the price would be 20×80=$1600 per pound. Variations occur based on quantity, quality, availability, and market demand. Our B-bud (aka, baby bud or popcorn) is sold at 2/3 the price as the A-grade flower.

Trim / Shake
Our trim is typically a mix of the sugar leaves that is trimmed off and small flower (popcorn buds) that is not worth trimming. No stems or fan leaves. Some of our trim are also large buds from strains that we don’t have enough to get tested or that didn’t have enough density to go to the dispensaries.

Since testing prices have skyrocketed, we are looking to sell our trim to processors that can take our product untested (high-heat or Hydrocarbon)

Trim is separated by family species only – Indica or Sativa and by cultivar (High CBD). We don’t produce enough trim to sell by strain.

  • Indica: $200/lb
  • Sativa: $250/lb
  • Mixed: $225/lb


We would love to see Fiddle Farms Flower in your dispensary. That is why we are offering four quarter pound bags (one pound total) of your choice of bud for just $1400! (Based on availability).

Take 20% OFF one pound of bud if you order now, before the end of the season. Bud will be ready for delivery in the late Fall, 2017

If there is less then 1/4 pound of a strain left, we’ll sell the rest at 50% OFF. Must be a current customer.

Buy 10 or more pounds of bud, get 25% OFF the entire order

Buy 4 or more pounds of bud throughout the year, get a FREE custom made batik Fiddle Farms t-shirt crafted by Dianne Soule of Live to dye batik. 100% certified organic ringspun cotton 5.5oz. A $45 value. These shirts are also available for purchase and every purchase supports environmental non-profit organizations.

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