Cannabis Consignment

Now that more product is on the market ving for shelf space, it just makes sense that growers share in the same risk that the retailers have been burdening these past years. Consignment is a simple concept that has been around for a long time are we are happy to work with you on this model. Here’s how it works…..

…….We will deliver multiple strains for you to sell at your dispensary and you pay nothing upfront. We then come back once a month to collect a check for the amount you sold and stock you up for the next month. If a strain isn’t selling, we’ll take it back. If it’s been on the shelves for too long, we’ll replace it. We’ll keep the best sellers on the shelf and rotate other strains for your customers that like to try new things. It’s a win win.

  • No Risk: Pay for only what you sell
  • Low Cost: Prices are only slightly  more then our already low prices if you were to buy it outright.
  • More Diversity: Rotating inventory keeps customers coming back
  • Fresher Flower: Never have old flower on the shelves

We just ask that you carry at least 5 strains of a 1/2 pound each displayed in our glass containers (see below).  Space in this program is limited to only 3 local dispensaries.

Fat JarFat Jar_back