Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

After a dismal year of falling prices in Oregon’s cannabis market and overflowing cannabis product available for sale (Willamette Week reports it will take almost 9 years to go though the product currently in the system), I’ve decided to focus on the outdoor cannabis cultivation consulting and close the cannabis growing operation. Interest in how we produced our Cultivation Classic’s award-winning Jazz strain has given me a new focus and desire to help others achieve excellence in cannabis cultivation.
I sincerely apologize to those recreational dispensaries and cannabis customers who have been loyal supporters of Fiddle Farms over the past several years.  However, I hope to continue making a difference in the cannabis market well into the future. I hope you continue to follow Fiddle Farms as we move in new directions, especially with the Cannabis Craft Project. Of course I’ll be looking forward to getting back into growing outdoor cannabis in Oregon (or other locations) as the market for sun-grown flower stabilizes and can finally flourish.
If you or someone you feel cannabis consulting might help you, please let me know. You can read more at: Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

“Veganic” Practices

img_8478Fiddle Farm’s cannabis connoisseurs have high standards. They not only want their cannabis free from chemicals and synthetic amendments, but they want it produced sustainably and humanely. Our cannabis is not only grown organically, but it’s also cruelty-free. We say “no” to using anonymous animal-derived materials such as commercially-produced fish emulsion, feather, bone, blood meal and bat guano.

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Fermented Plant Juices

This year at the farm I’m taking fertility of the cannabinitas into my own hands.  I am striving to leave behind bottled fertilizers and replace them with my homemade goodies!  Less plastic waste, fossil fuel emissions, and mystery around what my ladies uptake.  After a recent side by side test I am more than happy with the results of my ferments. The only hurdle left to overcome is making production more efficient.  I will pass on a few techniques and recipes I am using at the farm along to you.

Fermented Plant Juices (FPJ)IMG_1228

 FPJ is a way to make liquid plant food out of ordinary/extraordinary plants that are all around us!  It has been used by those who farm using a Korean Natural Farming approach and many others like myself who enjoy mixing and matching the styles and practices that have been passed down since farming began. Last year I began exploring this technique and have really made it part of my flow this year.

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Down with Monocultures

When creating the Kingdom of Kush I knew that I wouldn’t feel okay growing a monoculture of cannabis.  I would be fighting back the volunteers of previous growing seasons and forced to cover Earth with a weed barrier. I decided to create a beneficial polyculture using an insectary, living mulch, and choice volunteers. This is my first experience with living mulches so I am excited to see the results and learn how to manage my polyculture with ease and grace. Continue reading