Cannabis Cultivation Consulting

The goal of my consultation work is to help outdoor cannabis growers navigate this complex  industry at a commercial scale. I focus on efficient methods of cultivation  while maintaining a natural and organic approach to ensure the highest quality flower.

Setting up a commercial farm properly is crucial. That’s why finding the right consultants is one of the most important things you can do. Growing consistent top-shelf cannabis like I have on a commercial scale requires an approach that includes an understanding of farming principals, soil health, pest mitigation and management, organic nutrients and fertilization process, watering systems, laboratory testing procedures, among others.

Be wary of someone that offers everything, especially when most of them have done nothing but grow a few plants. A jack of all trades is a master of none. That is why I focus on outdoor and greenhouse organic cultivation methods which I have been mastering for several years.

About Us

Jeff has been growing cannabis for longer then he wants to admit publicly. He started growing legally in 2013 with a medical license in Oregon and started selling his product to medical dispensaries in 2014. Starting with just 12 plants per harvest (his legal limit at that time), he honed his skills to still produce over 60 pounds of product, enough to supplement a decent living and perfect his craft. Starting on 2016, he and his wife, Ketrina, decided to switch to the recreation market under the Oregon Liquor Control Commission License. Since then, he’s leaned how to scale from a few dozen plants to  hundreds with a small team. He also learned some very important lessons of economy of scale that is past of what he will share with you.

We have grown over 40 different strains and have consistently receive a THC test over 20% and up to a whopping 30% growing outdoors. Our terpene profiles are outstanding, so don’t let indoor growers tell you that outdoor flower is inferior. Out of close to 100 compliance tests, we have never had any pesticides on any tests, because we don’t use them. 

Consulting Services

Outdoor Grow Operations

I offer onsite consulting services for outdoor commercial cultivation companies in Oregon, Washington and California. I’m willing to travel further for the right opportunity. I specialize in outdoor system design, operations, and training. I can also assist businesses that are applying for state-permits as I am well-versed in regulatory compliance, especially in Oregon.

Remote Consulting

I offer remote email consulting for $50 per hour which can include

    • Pest ID and management recomendations
    • Soil Amendment recommendations (requires you to send soil test results from Logan Labs)
    • Strain Recommendations  
    • Copy writing and editing for your marketing needs

Soil analysis and amendment recommendations

The great 19th century chemist, Justis von Liebig, found that plant growth is limited by the least available nutrient. Once the least available nutrient is supplied, another nutrient becomes the least available. While Liebig’s findings correctly illustrates the limiting factor, it reveals nothing about the soil balance needed to allow plants to grow to their full potential.

Our goal is to help you build your soil to the point where it can grow your plants of the highest quality. This means balancing the soil mineral reserves, building the capacity of the soil to hold and distribute nutrients and enhancing the means with which plants take up nutrients, both biologically and directly. If you are going to be adding amendments, why not make sure they are the right ones?

Digital Marketing

Previous to my Fiddle Farms grow operations, I owned and operated a software development company that focused on web design, email marketing, social media marketing (SSM), and search engine optimization (SEO). My clients included multiple fortune 100 companies to small non-profit organizations. If you are interested in using any of these methods to market your cannabis business, I can assist you in many facets in the digital world.