Craft Cannabis Project

Hello 420 friends,

The legalized cannabis industry has come a long way in recent years, but I am very concerned about the direction it’s heading. Big companies like Scotts Miracle-Gro and Phillip Morris are already in the game and more are considering getting in. What is this doing to the small business that brought us to this point? How will growers like myself fair in this competitive and saturated market with limited resources? How will this affect who we hire and how much we pay our employees? And most importantly, how will this change how we grow the plants?

If you know me, you know that Cannabis is more than a plant to me, it’s a relationship with nature. I didn’t get into this industry just to make a quick buck. I’m the type of  farmer that honors and respects the plant and it’s abilities. Before I even started growing, I first learned about and taught the history of the plant and how it was used for centuries well before this new cannabis revolution.  And I certainly do enjoy pondering the larger purpose of this magical medicine and where it can lead us in the future.

What Keeps me up at night?

So, while we have made great strides in legalization we should have better prepared for all the possibilities that could arise. If we are not careful, big companies will completely take this over this budding industry just like they have taken over our food systems. There are a lot of questions still need to be answered and who’s better to answer them then people in the industry. That is why I’m starting a new project of discovery that I want to share with you. It’s called “The Craft Cannabis Project.”

Through research and education,  The Craft Cannabis Project (CCP) will strive to create and share the best practices in cannabis farming and will focus on advocating for healthy and sustainable farming techniques for craft cannabis growers. CCP is going to be a collaboration of growers, processors, retailers, scientist, artists, environmental activists, community leaders, agencies, and others coming together to understand what’s going on in this industry. What’s functioning well, what’s proceeding in the wrong direction and how do we steer it in the right direction and most importantly, how to we survive when mega-corporations get into the game.  

The Journey of Discovery

As for our first venture, we are going to start collecting information from people in the industry. Ketrina and I are heading on a road trip to discover the real world of cannabis. We are going to visit master growers, seed breeders, processors, testing labs, retail stores, and organic fertilizer companies, among others. We are going to interview movers and shakers in the industry from states like Colorado where recreational legalization all began, to California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska who have all followed suit. We’ll go to other states as well who are just opening up the medical and recreational market. We’ll find out what medical breakthroughs are happening and what new technology is being developed.  We’ll find out first hand which state is doing a good job with regulations and which are not. We’ll see who’s making money it and who’s not and why. Along the way, we will post photos, blog, tweet, Instagram, and yes, YouTube and Facebook Live our journey. We are looking for guest celebrity interviewers and have plans to re-edit the videos for specific topics such as cloning best practices, pest management, how to enhance terpene profiles, just to name a few. We will gather all the data we can, digest it, synthesize it and share it all with you. We’ll write it all down in what will eventually culminate in a book or or series of books about how entrepreneurs can be successful in the craft cannabis industry.

Be a part of our Journey

We hope you will be a part of this journey of discovery. Do you want to know more about this industry? If so, we will get the answers you are looking for. Tell us where to go, who to talk to, and what questions you want us to ask. Let us know what information you need, and we’ll go get it. Meet us on our journey as we travel from state to state meeting people in the industry. Follow our blog, on facebook, twitter and mainly, youtube.

If you are a person or organization that has a story to tell that may be a good fit for our research, please let us know. We are also looking for sponsors and partners to help us out.