Chicken, Duck and Goose Eggs

Fiddle Farms has a flock of heritage breed chickens, ducks and a few geese that co-habitate. They eat Scratch and Peck certified organic feed and free-range with multiple springs and ponds. The eggs they produce are unmatched in quality. Their yolks are dark orange thanks to a rich diet of fresh plant matter which they even find in winter as they pick through the leftover kale and cabbage we leave in the ground for them to eat.

We have a no-kill policy on the farm, so even if our girls stop laying, they are still treated to a long, natural life. We do not supplement their light to keep them laying longer, so duck and goose eggs are only available seasonally.

$6.00 doz for chicken
$8.00 doz for duck
$12.00 doz for Geese