Customized Cannabis Consulting Services

If you have a solid understanding of outdoor cannabis cultivation operations but don’t need or want the “lead cannabis consulting” option, I can provide cannabis consultation services tailored to your specific requests. These services can be completed either off site at $65 per hour, onsite at your grow operation for $95 per hour, or a combination thereof.

Examples of these services include:

  1. Examining and evaluating your cannabis grow site
  2. Analyzing soil and recommending amendments
  3. Conducting educational workshops on specific cannabis cultivation topics
  4. Answering questions from the client and  grow team
  5. Selecting appropriate cannabis strains
  6. Creating cannabis cultivation plans
  7. Producing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans
  8. Researching specific topics like weather patterns and local photoperiods
  9. Transferring best-practice knowledge for items such as pest mitigation, environmental protection,  outdoor growing techniques, trellising options, container gardening, or light deprivation techniques.  
  10. Compiling a preferred materials list for fertilizing, pesticides and irrigation
  11. Designing a waste management plan
  12. Marijuana inventory control options
  13. Assembling employee training documentation
  14. Assisting with Marketing Plan

I offer onsite cannabis consulting services for outdoor commercial cultivation companies in Oregon, Washington, California and Western Canada. I’m willing to travel further for the right opportunity. I specialize in outdoor system design, operations, and training. I can also assist businesses that are applying for state-permits as I am well-versed in regulatory compliance, especially in Oregon.