Hemp / CBD Cultivation Consulting

Did you realize the growing “Hemp” is the same as growing Cannabis. “Hemp” is just a term used to classify a variety of Cannabis that contain less then 0.3% of THC. While farmers who grow for high THC values (know as marijuana) have the choice of growing different varieties (Cannabis sativaCannabis indica, or Cannabis ruderalis cross), farmers growing for hemp only use specific Cannabis sativa varieties. 

So, the difference between hemp and marijuana is that 1) Hemp production uses a strain of cannabis that has a very how THC value and 2) Hemp has a different use, mainly to extract cannabidiol; aka. CBD, but may also have other uses such as hemp fiber.

As far as growing cannabis for hemp, is there a difference? Well, yes and no.

The major similarity is to optimize the cannabinoids during the growing process. In hemp’s case, farmers are using specific methods to optimize Cannabidiol (CBD). As for marijuana, farmers are growing to optimize Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) . Because cannabinoid optimization techniques are similar, the growing methods are similar. However, if you want to grow hemp for fiber, then there are big differences. Some farmers are growing for both CBD and fiber.

If you are interested in growing cannabis for hemp, whether it’s for CBD or hemp fiber or both, and looking for some consulting, I can help you in all aspects of cannabis cultivation.