Lead Cannabis Consultant

If you are in the beginning phase of your cannabis operation and need a higher level of engagement, I can offer a “project lead” consulting model. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what questions to ask or perhaps you want a structured process to guide your project. In this instance, I will collaborate with your stakeholders on all operation aspects within my purview and offer advice when necessary to drive the project forward. We would arrange a schedule to be onsite multiple times to consult with your grow team throughout the entire process. This is offered as a time and materials rate at $85 an hour for offsite and $110 an hour for onsite work at your grow site. An estimate would be given for each phase of the project 

Development Process as Project Lead

I base my “project lead” cannabis consulting services on four phases: Inception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition. These phases are iterative and can feature a great deal of overlap. Proper planning builds in the flexibility needed to realistically meet your timeline and budget needs.

Phase 1: Inception

In the Inception Phase, I meet with your primary stakeholders and broadly define the magnitude of the project. What are your goals? What will make our relationship most effective? What type of information can I provide? Through meetings with your primary stakeholders and gathering requirements, I will transform your vision into an actionable project. By establishing clear goals at the inception, considerable time and money will be saved in subsequent phases by avoiding the high costs of fixing a poor design later.

The following will be identified and defined during the Inception Phase:

  • General understanding of requirements
  • Soil testing, analysis and recommendations
  • Initial site map of the cannabis farm
  • Detailed/researched response to client questions
  • Project plan and estimates for the Elaboration Phase

Phase 2: Elaboration

The primary purpose of the Elaboration Phase is to clearly and concisely define and design the outdoor grow operation. This could include:  site plans (greenhouses/hoop houses, dry rooms, security systems, etc), strain recommendations, cultivation plans, water requirements, fertilization requirements, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, waste management, inventory controls, locating/interviewing sub-contractors, etc.

Phase 3: Construction Phase

The Construction Phase puts all the planning work from the Elaboration Phase into action:  soil amending, building construction, land preparation, irrigation/ fertigation systems, hiring and training employees, etc. I can be on-site or on-call for whatever portions of the construction phase are necessary.

Phase 4: Transition Phase

The Transition Phase begins when you are ready to grow cannabis. This phase could include: strain acquisition, caring for mother plants, cloning, planting, caring for plants in vegetative phase, transition to flowering phase, harvesting, drying, etc.