Soil analysis and amendment recommendations

The great 19th century chemist, Justis von Liebig, found that plant growth is limited by the least available nutrient. Once the least available nutrient is supplied, another nutrient becomes the least available. While Liebig’s findings correctly illustrates the limiting factor, it reveals nothing about the soil balance needed to allow plants to grow to their full potential.

My goal is to help you build your soil to the point where it can grow your cannabis plants of the highest quality. This means balancing the soil mineral reserves, building the capacity of the soil to hold and distribute nutrients and enhancing the means with which plants take up nutrients, both biologically and directly. If you are going to be adding amendments, why not make sure they are the right ones?

I have unlocked the secrets of growing cannabis with the best Terpene Profiles possible. That is how I won the cultivation classic in 2018 with Jazz. It’s not hard, but does requires the right balance of organic soil amendments and organic matter to release the right nutrients at the right time. To quote Tom Philpot of Mother Jones, “It’s the Soil Stupid”

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